our values1

Vishal Group’s values and how we live these

Our family of companies encompasses a wonderful diversity of people, brands and activities spread across an great geographical area. Whilst this creates a magnificent richness it can sometimes be hard to see how we all connect. Take a look beneath the surface and beyond the obvious and you’ll discover that we all share very similar values. Our values form the foundation of our work: they are the things we believe in, the qualities we appreciate and expect in ourselves and others; the things we judge are important in life



Our word is reliable.For example: we make every effort to conduct our business ethically and legitimately. We are straightforward and sincere in our business dealings.

Trust & Respect

Trust is the foundation on which our relationships with partners and stakeholders, clients and colleagues develop. We think trust begins with respect: for ourselves and each other; for our organization and for the many people whose lives we touch.

Contributing and Sharing

We welcome and encourage different ways of thinking and those who challenge the ‘norm’: in this way we keep moving, keep changing and keep innovating.

Celebrating Diversity

Richness comes from difference. Breadth of vision, flexibility and resilience come from celebrating the great diversity amongst Vishal Group people. We believe we are all different and equal.


For Vishal people this means looking out for each other, knowing we’ll be supported and also pushed to take new steps … and that we do this with the best of intentions with the long-game in mind

Winning Attitude

We give a 100% and strive to be the best; we play to win