Social Business

At Vishal Group we have a number of businesses we run with social aims: the businesses are set up primarily to do good. The company must achieve its social objective and at the same time cover all costs through a revenue model, so that the company becomes self-funding and self-sustainable. The success of the business is not measured by the amount of profit made in a given period, but the impact of the business on people or the environment.

While philanthropy, charitable works and projects have their place, we at Vishal Group believe we can best serve our communities by doing what we do best: applying our business acumen, experience and expertise to help develop sustainable enterprises that meet genuine needs, create long term employment opportunities and create wealth that can be poured directly in to building better lives. After the initial injection of resources for start-up we find that VG social businesses build not just wealth, but pride, skills, connections, stability and futures. Critically, they meet a real social need. Our long-term commitment comes through ongoing support, advice and guidance; the long term success comes from those driving the social business.

We find there are natural synergies with many of our other business interests, notable VG Foundation and our charitable giving arm , the VG Education Foundation.