Iron & Steel

Vishal Group is involved in a broad range of activities within the iron and steel sector. These range from manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of value-added iron and steel products for domestic as well as an export market, to designing and fabricating products to meet specific requirements for various infrastructure project

The iron and steel segment is technology-driven, and hence we have incorporated a high level of automation and state-of-the-art technology into our iron and steel activities. The Vishal Group has a wide portfolio of products in this segment, all of which have the highest standard of metallurgical and surface qualities. The ability to produce a wide product mix is our core competence, which has helped achieve a major market share in the high-value-added iron and steel segment.

Vishal Group enjoys a pre-eminent position in the iron and steel industry of Nepal. The depth and breadth of our activities have allowed us to build up synergies within the iron and steel sector, which has become a major quality standard ineffective delivery schedule and competitive prices.

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