Over the years, Vishal Group has focused on building its business intelligence and strategy vertical – serving both internal business units and external clients, as each of our companies builds their own industry and geographical capabilities to create value and serve clients through a wide array of Information, data and tech solutions. The companies work globally, serving clients within their domains and back-ending to a high capability

ROSIA (Retail Order & Sales Information Application)

Full stack sales force and distribution app, including geo fencing and geo tagging, dashboard level customization of all offers and promotions, real time sales force movement and efficacy tracking, inventory and billing linkages and the full suite of services with ability to interface and data portability with other complementary applications.


Robust data set by category and SKU level of over 68,000 Outlets across the country – searchable by various parameters allowing granular insight to ensure efficient coverage at optimized cost and service levels.


AI and retail audit based scoring platform - giving objective score carding on various retail front end parameters that a brand may want to track including share of shelf, share of display, share of SKU, competitive environment of promotions, SKU availability on shelf real time and so forth.

Wireless Digital Consulting

A full array of solutions including inventory optimization, tracking and maintenance, live manager with a mix of AI and human interface to improve efficiency and retail performance, analysing customer conversions - all focused on building a sustainable efficient working model.

Financial Intelligence

A broad back end serving a full built out finance strategy model with ability to deep dive into all finance aspects including cash flow forecasting and optimization, identification of key financial pivot points and solutions built around monitoring and improving financial performance.

Life Sciences

We take the burden off early-stage life sciences companies to set up, implement and maintain a best in class commercial operations system that can scale up as needed. We are a technology agnostic implementation partner with no preset biases – our expertise allows us to understand your core needs and work within your budget to deliver a best-in-class cross functional commercial operations experience across data enablement.

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