VG Hospitality goes beyond the standard to present and deliver a miraculous experience that speaks of conscious lifestyles and transformative journeys. Aligned with the values of travelers, VG Hospitality brings forth a trendsetting experience of hospitality and nature.

Rediscover the joy of togetherness with our signature experiences. They are crafted around people's interests so that families can learn, laugh, and grow together - committing to making their moments magical. VG Hospitality also provides local and internaitional cuisines as a part of its immersive experiences.

Kavya Resorts and Spa

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Kavya Resort & Spa embodies the union of exquisiteness, class, and luxury through its charming ambiance and sublime views. Seamlessly marrying Nepalese Tradition with Modern Sophistication tucked in a sleepy village of Nagarkot, Kavya is an ideal vacation amidst snow-draped peaks with beaming sunrise on freezing mornings – an exceptional experience to leave you spellbound. Amid rugged mountains and idyllic ravines, Kavya Resort & Spa is set on a peaceful site affording magnificent views. Re-think luxury and witness warm hospitality at Kavya, with panoramic trails and breath-taking butterflies clasped by the wildflower-strewn Kathmandu Valley.

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