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At Vishal Group, we believe in no compromises when it comes to quality. Our beauty and wellness line avails a plethora of brands that introduces the Nepali market to quality products such as high end skincare, face care, hair care, footwear and home accessories. Vishal Group’s tech centre also hosts a training center for stylists and aspiring students via the Beauty Lab and Red Salon.

    Red Salon

    An unparalleled salon experience, the Red Salon is a model experience for rest, rejuvenation and beauty as a means to quality of living. Vishal Group has worked with and trained multiple salons and stylists, and certified the best of class as Red Salons so that the Nepalese population can enjoy the highest quality of product and trained personnel to indulge their senses. We are collaborating with 100+ salons for the purpose of good living and rejuvenation.

    Call our salonistas to visit your place to enjoy our services. We assure you of a service that is nothing short of world-class!

    The Beauty Lab

    The Beauty Lab is one of it’s kind in Nepal -- a one stop training institute for a plethora of practical skills in beauty, hair, cosmetology and make-up. After working with our top-notch veteran faculty, students from all over Nepal will graduate from the Beauty Lab with extensive experience that position themselves as industry experts. The Beauty Lab prepares graduates to work with high-profile clientele such as celebrities as well as with individuals of diverse cultures, lifestyles and budgets. Graduates not only learn image and styling theories, but they also gain marketing and business skills for their careers.

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