Public-Private-Civil Society Partnership for Child Right

30 March 2015

Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI), Vishal Group Foundation (VGF), Center for Child Welfare Board (CCWB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Public-Private-Civil Society Partnership for Child Rights.

Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI), Vishal Group Foundation (VGF) and Center for Child Welfare Board (CCWB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Public- Private – Civil Society Partnership for Child Rights to work towards the welfare of children of Nepal by promoting meaningful and result-oriented collaboration between the government of Nepal, the country’s private sector and civil society organizations. It ultimately became a milestone for Sadhbaw Scholarships – Nepali le Nepali Lai and Rastra Pahile School Club initiatives of HCI to work laterally being aligned with CCWB and VG Foundation.

The MOU reaffirms the commitment of CCWB, VGF and HCI to provide children with opportunities to excel in academics as well as in extra-curricular, volunteering activities, and to provide timely support to children in distress as they are more vulnerable than adults to adverse impacts of disasters. The MoU also envisions this public, private and civil society partnership as a step towards setting up an exemplary model of collaboration that may be replicated by other government, non-government agencies as well as private sector and development organizations.

The MoU was signed by Tarak Dhital, Executive Director, CCWB, Anuj Agarwal, Director, VGF and Prashant Singh, Founder and CEO, HCI, at a special event hosted by the Chairperson of CCWSB, Mr. Dilli Ram Giri at the premises of Central Child Welfare Board, Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur.

Revealing the fact that children and youth comprise most of Nepal’s population, Mr. Dhital said, “Nepal, to be built into a peaceful and prosperous nation, substantial investments- both monetary and emotional- must be made in the future of the country’s children”. He added, “We have sufficient resources with us. It is us who need to mobilize and properly utilize the resources for the children. We believe, working together being aligned with Sadbhaw Scholarships- Nepali le Nepali Lai is one way of making good use of the available resources.”

Prashant Singh, Founder and CEO of Himalayan Climate Initiative stated that, “There is a need and urgency to respect one another while every sector either private or public has their own importance. There are less chances of duplications if NGOs and government work unanimously. Furthermore, children in Nepal should be assisted in gaining self-confidence and conviction in the bright future of the country by involving them in inspirational and volunteering activities, inculcating in them love for their society and country”.

Anuj Agrawal, Director of Vishal Group Foundation adds, “Eventhough the Sadbhaw Scholarships and CCWB will work together, the objective of the program will always remain the same- "Nepali le Nepali lai"- a Nepali to help the Nepali child in need to study. The program also aims to spread Sadbhaw (harmony) among each and every Nepali". He also added, "We are responsible to provide a framework to the program while any Nepali from anywhere can help providing the funds.”

Dilli Ram Giri, Chairperson of CCWB states that, “This is the historic initiation where both the public and private civil society is partnering for ensuring and advocating child’s fundamental rights. He also raised the various issues and problems where there is a need of assistance from one another.”

With this MoU Signing, private sector has stepped forward to advocate the child rights and protection issues.

The media representatives present at the event were eager to understand the selection criteria of scholarships and the mechanisms to directly work with the students. One of the journalists also questioned, how appropriate will it be to focus only on the education sector of the children regarding Child Rights and Protection? Children with special needs should also be given attention.

The event concluded with suggestions and expectations from the joint venture.

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