Corporate Recycling with Doko Recyclers

06 April 2022

We, at Vishal Group and VG Foundation, have launched a Corporate Waste Management Solution in collaboration with Doko Recyclers. Doko Recyclers is a social enterprise that provides waste management services to individuals and corporate institutions and works together to improve environmental health by segregating waste and changing consumer behavior through increased awareness, consequently turning waste into resources.

Our associates at The VG Village experienced a full workshop on how we can be more mindful of our choices and aid in the proper disposal of recyclable and non-recyclable waste. We're making recycling a part of our work to ensure that our company's waste doesn’t end up in a landfill. With this initiative, we aim to be more mindful of our disposal choices. This involves sorting out Recyclable and Non-Recyclable wastes at the source in our office and partnering with Doko Recyclers, the recyclables will be repurposed and reused.

The process begins with us and is for us.

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